Toronto Water Profile

If you need a primer on Water Chemistry please check out our Intro to Brewing Water Presentation from the January 2018 Club Meeting. For more in depth information please refer to the Bru’n Water Knowledge Page.

Special Note: We recommend that all brewers use campden tablets (potassium or sodium metabisulfite) in their brewing water to avoid chlorophenolic off flavours. 1 tablet is designed to treat up to 20 gallons. Toronto uses chloramines in the water treatment process, which cannot be boiled or off-gassed away. A campden tablet is usually the best way to remove chlorine from the water, though a charcoal filter can work as well if you use it effectively and run water through it slow enough.

For reference, here are the most up to date OFFICIAL ion averages from the City of Toronto:

2017 Drinking Water Analysis Summary from this page
Calcium (Ca) = 36.8 ppm
Magnesium (Mg) = 9.0 ppm
Sodium (Na) = 14.2 ppm
Sulphate (SO4) = 25.5 ppm
Chloride (Cl) = 27.1 ppm
Alkalinity = 90.3 ppm (use this to estimate Bicarbonate)
pH = 7.6 pH

The City of Toronto publishes the Water Analysis reports rather infrequently (once per year). In order to achieved a desired outcome, more up to date numbers are desired. We have reached out to the City of Toronto and received more up to date but *UNOFFICIAL* testing results from the Toronto Water Labratory’s Chief Chemist!

Here are the latest UNOFFICIAL results (R.C.Harris (FHA) – Tested 2018/08/20):
Calcium (Ca) = 35.1 ppm
Magnesium (Mg) = 8.95 ppm
Sodium (Na) = 13.7 ppm
Sulphate (SO4) = 26.5 ppm
Chloride (Cl) = 26.6 ppm
Alkalinity = 85.5 ppm
pH range: 7.41 pH to 7.80 pH, with an average of 7.58 pH

Test Data: