Toronto BJCP Exams

Thank you for your interest in taking a BJCP Exam in Toronto! This page contains key information you need to know before signing up.

About the BJCP

The BJCP is an international volunteer organization that certifies and ranks beer judges through an examination and monitoring process. It also sanctions competitions, and provides educational resources for current and future judges. The BJCP 2021 Beer Style Guidelines is one of the most well known beer style resources in the world. In addition to beer, the BJCP also certifies mead and cider judges.

Learn more about the BJCP at:

How to Become a BJCP Beer Judge

To become a ranked BJCP beer judge, one must pass at least two exams:

Judges can achieve the ranks of Recognized or Certified by passing those two exams. To advance to the National rank or higher, judges must also take the Written Beer Exam (20 TF and 5 written essay questions in 90 minutes).

About BJCP Exam Program

Please review these pages for information about the BJCP Exam Program:

BJCP Exam Study Resources

Visit our dedicated BJCP Exam Study Resources pages for tons of tips and links to help you along your BJCP journey!

Taking a BJCP Exam in Toronto

If you have questions about the BJCP, this page, or are having trouble registering, please email:

Exam Administrator: Eric Cousineau
- BJCP National Judge
- BJCP Assistant Regional Representative - North East Region

For information on accommodating disabilities, please review the BJCP Disability Policy.

Toronto BJCP Exam Registration Policy

Due to the long waitlists of the past, the following procedure is now used to register examinees for BJCP Exams in Toronto. This means that once registration opens, everyone on the notify list is able to register on a first-come first-served basis.

  • Persons interested in taking a Toronto BJCP Exam should sign up using the form below to be added to the notify list
  • Exam seat sign up begins approximately 2-3 months before the exam date
    • No seat reservations are guaranteed before then
    • An announcement email will be sent to the notify list when sign up opens
    • Once sign up begins, seats are reserved first-come first-served
  • To reserve a seat both pre-requisites must be met:
    • 1) Online exam must be complete, and copy of certificate must be forwarded
    • 2) Paid exam fee (instructions in announcement email)

Upcoming BJCP Exams in Toronto

  • Sat. April 13th, 2024: Beer Judging Exam
    • Capacity: 12 seats max
    • Cost: $40 first-time examinees, $15 retakes ($ in USD)
  • Sat. May 4th, 2024: Beer Written Exam
    • Capacity: 12 seats max
    • Cost: $25 ($ in USD)

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