Single Tap Jockey Box

Rent for $30.00

Rentals cannot start/end on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (highlighted).
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Rental return within days


Jockey Box Rental, Single Faucet.

Comes with Cornelius/Ball-lock (homebrew) setups. 8-day rental. CO2 tank rented separately (see catalogue).

Party coolers, also known as Jockey Boxes, are a great way to keep the beer flowing. Jockey Box Coolers allow you to dispense keg beer anywhere, anytime without using electricity. Using CO2 for dispensing and cooling beer with ice and water, Jockey Boxes are the easy way to serve cold beer all day.

Additional information

Club Rental Pickup Location

David Larocque's House (128 Fulton Avenue), Storage Locker

Rental information

-Rental deposit amount set at $100 (~40% of the retail price) to be returned in full upon the return of the item in working and clean condition.
-Product must be returned clean - if not $100 cleaning fee is withdrawn from the deposit amount
-Admin fee of $30 applies