Edmonton Aurora Brewing Challenge – Club Shipping Fee


Our shipping procedures have change for Aurora Challenge. Read the description below.

Note: The fee is per entry and not per bottle


– The fee is per entry and not per bottle.
– We can only pack the standard 12 oz (355 ml) longneck bottles.
– We will not ship any entries that haven’t been registered on this page
– Please print a copy of your order and attach to your entries when dropping off

Use this product to register to ship your entries with the club. Add this item to your cart, set qty to your number of entries (not bottles), and pay at checkout (even if total is zero).

Please make sure to select your drop off location so we can track your entries.

If your entries are packed safely in a sealed box,  you can select Yes (I have pre-packed)  and you will not be charged. Otherwise, you should leave it set to No, and we will package up your entries for you and will charge you $2 per entry ($2 per two bottles).

Only standard 12 oz (355 ml) longneck bottles competition glass bottles will fit our paid packaging. For any other size/shape of bottle or can, you must pack the entries yourself (contact us if you need packing tips).