Presentations from Club Meetings

May 2020: Baking Bread During Quarantine by James Kennedy, Clayton Hoy, and Luke Van Oort
April 2020: Recipe Formulation by Cory Day
March 2020: Brewing IPAs by Mike Vandervoort
Feb 2020: Members Only – Please Login
January 2020: Intro to Brewing Water 2.3 by Eric Cousineau
January 2020: Toronto Water by Lizanne Pharand
Nov 2019: Yeast 101 by Nate Ferguson of Escarpment Labs
Oct 2019: Finishing Beer by Eric Cousineau
Sept 2019: Kveik Q&A with Lars Marius Garshol & Escarpment
July 2019: Members Only – Please Login
June 2019: How to Brew Sake by Marcelo Paniza
May 2019: Intro to Mead by Backed By Bees
April 2019: Brewing with Spice and Fruit by Matti Cowan
April 2019: Intro to BJCP Judging by Eric Cousineau
March 2019: Craft Beer Pi by Ed Hitchcock
February 2019: Pro Brewer Q&A with Little Beasts
January 2019: Intro to Brewing Water 2.2
November 2018: KW Craft Cider
October 2018: Build A Brewery by Kyle Smith
September 2018: Introduction to Basic Micro
July 2018: Building a Destination Brewery
June 2018: John’s Journey to Folly
April 2018: Craft Malting with Barn Owl Malt
April 2018: Kettle Souring with Rouge River Brewing
March 2018: Hop Farming in Ontario
Feb 2018: Introduction to Mixed Culture Brewing
January 2018: Intro to Brewing Water 2.1
October 2017: Saison – A Brewer’s Blank Canvas by Peter Caira
September 2017: How to Win @ Homebrew Competitions
August 2017: Harvesting Wild Yeast by Richard Priess
July 2017: Adding Wood to Beer
May 2017: Tiny Bubbles – Beer Carbonation Primer
March 2017: Mini RIMS
February 2017: Kveik
January 2017: Intro to Brewing Water 2
June 2016: Off Flavours in Beer | PPT
May 2016: Belgian Sour Beers
April 2016: Small Space Brewing
March 2016: Grain to Glass with Eric
January 2016: Intro to BJCP 2015 Guidelines | PPT
September 2015: Finishing Beer
September 2015: How To Enter a Competition
January 2015: Intro to Brewing Water

Style of the Month

September 2019: Pilsner and Light Lager
November 2019: American Pale Ale and Pale American Ale
January 2020: Bock
March 2020: IPA

Misc Handouts/Content

Brew Slam 2019: Uncovering the IBU by John Palmer
Brew Slam 2018: Sulfur Compounds in Beer by Scott Bickham
Brew Slam 2017: BJCP Update and Master Judging Techniques by Gordon Strong
Off Flavour Handout from BJCP Kit Sessions