GTA Brews Officers for 2023

GTA Brews is entirely volunteer driven. We are always looking for more people to help out and enable our club to do more fun stuff. If you are interested in helping out, feel free to reach out to and we'll get you in touch with the appropriate person.

Board of Directors

President: David Chang-Sang

Vice President: Josh Davis

Treasurer: Jim Bruce

Eric Cousineau

Marcelo Paniza

Onur Caka

Appointed Officers


Website: Eric Cousineau, Josh Davis, David Chang-Sang

Newsletter: David Larocque

Social Media: Mark Hubbard


Meetings: David Chang-Sang, Josh Davis

Learn2Brew: [VACANT]

Cask Days Homebrew Section: [On Hold]

Advent Calendar: James Kennedy


Brew Slam (Organizer, Sponsorship): Eric Cousineau

Seasonal Competitions: Eric Cousineau

Entry Shipping: David Chang-Sang, Marcelo Paniza, Kym Watts


Membership: [VACANT]

Bulk Buys (Grain Buy, Hop Buy): Dean Rowan, David Chang-Sang , David Larocque

Facebook Group Moderators: [See Facebook Group]

Merchandise: James Kennedy

Barrel Program: [VACANT]

Brewery Guest Tap: [VACANT]

Club Equipment: [VACANT]