Member Discount Codes

This page documents the discount codes that have been created to benefit GTA Brews members. If you have any issues using any of these codes, email and we'll sort it out. (must be logged in to see codes)

Toronto Brewing: (5% off)

BeerGrains: (5% off)

UANS International: (30% off until  May 31, 10% after)

Canadian Homebrewers Association: (50% off membership)

  • Note: Existing members should cancel their existing CHA subscription here, then sign up here at the new rate. Email if you wish to refund any amount remaining on your previous subscription

Welders Supply And Gasses: (20% off CO2 Refills)

  • Welders Supply And Gases
    777 Warden Avenue
    Unit # 1 – Building C (behind the front plaza building)
    Toronto, ON
    Office: 416-750-4535, Cell: 647-389-0132

We're working to add more discounts to this page. If you know a business that is willing to offer a discount to GTA Brews members, please get in touch!