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The People's Pint Brewery has generously offered GTA Brews at guest tap in their brewery. Our goal is to keep the tap filled with delicious beer brewed by members of the local homebrew community.
The beer is brewed on a propane fired homebrew system. The finished batch size is 10 gallons to fill two Cornie kegs. Brewers can bring their own equipment to the brewery. The preferred batch size is ten gallons but five gallon batches are acceptable. The yeast must be pitched at the brewery so the beer can legally be sold to the public. Buckets are usually available but you may use your own fermenters. The brewery is air conditioned but temperature controlled fermentation is not available. You are free to take the beer home for fermentation if you require strict temperature control. The beer will be racked into Cornie kegs to carbonate and serve. Ball lock and pin lock kegs can be accommodated.
When the beer is ready to serve, make arrangements with the bar manager to introduce the beer on tap. You will need a name, description of the beer and the final ABV. Throw a party, drink beer and have fun!
Propose a recipe (or recipes) using the form below. If you are selected for a month, it is expected that you will brew on (or around) the first weekend of that month.

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