GTA Brews COMPETES 2017!

We’re very excited to announce our 2017 Brewer of the Year drive for GTA Brews! Last year we ranked 8th overall as a club, and we are determined up our rank this year. The Brewer of the Year circuit is a Canadian homebrewing competition circuit which tracks the results of the its top points earned by individually, and per club.

  • 3 pts are awarded for Gold wins.
  • 2 pts for Silver
  • 1 pt for bronze

To help make shipping easier and far less expensive, we will now collect entries each month at our club meetings and ship them together as a club. Dropoffs can also be made at Toronto Brewing Co.

Check the Spreadhseet below for upcoming competitions and our shipping dropoff deadlines. You can click the comp. names in the spreadsheet to be taken to the competition’s registration page, or you can click here for a list of circuit competition times.


Please ensure:

  • Entries are labelled and prepared according to BJCP guidelines prior to drop-off.
  • You indicate “GTA Brews” as your club when registering your beers for each competition.
  • You drop off your entries at Toronto Brewing Co. or a club meeting before the entry deadline.
  • You sign up for the shipping AFTER you’ve signed up for the competition (each competition has an entry cap).

The more submissions, the greater chance of racking up points so register whatever you’ve got (especially the great stuff!) Shipping costs may vary by month but will typically be around $4 an entry.

Here’s our guide with useful tips entering competitions.

Good luck!