Get Involved

We are a big club by many measures, but we are a young club (only since 2013). As we continue to grow we will continue to organize and add structure to allow us to do the most possible.

Join the discussion with us on social media to get involved with the club.


In order to throw better and bigger events we need to be able to obtain Special Occasion Permits from the AGCO. To do that we need to have a more formalized membership structure than we have had in the past. We will continue to keep our membership as loose as possible to allow as many people as possible to participate in the discussion. However only Paid Members can attend our events when an SOP is in place. Visit our membership page to learn more about becoming a Paid Member.


Part of growing our club, and doing more, is having volunteers get involved and take on projects and tasks. Please visit our Volunteer page to learn more, and get involved.


As part of our growth we have created some Executive roles to help spread out the load, so that no one person carries the club on their own. For now the roles are appointed, but this may change in the future. Visit our Executive page to learn more.