Facebook Discussion Group - Full Posting Guidelines

(v4.0 Last edit: July 31, 2018)

This page contains our Posting Guidelines for our Facebook groups (GTA Brews Discussion and GTA Brews Classifieds) which are enforced by our moderators. This club is about building a community through a shared passion for homebrewing and these guidelines help make the posts and interactions on our Facebook groups more amicable.


The purpose of GTA Brews Discussion group is to focus on the topic of homebrewing, including beer, wine, cider, mead, etc. The group is also used to communicate updates on the the activities of GTA Brews, including events, bulk buys, education, competitions, services, etc...

The purpose of GTA Brews Classifieds group is to facilitate Buy/Sell/Promotion of items, events, and businesses related to craft beer and homebrewing. The allows the main discussion group to stay focused on discussion and learning.


Beginner questions are very much welcome, we are here to help you learn! If your question is specific to you or a problem you are having, please go ahead and post it we'll do our best to help troubleshoot.

Many common questions have been asked, so we ask that members use the Facebook search bar in the group before posting.
- Common example: "Which pH meter should I buy?" search for "pH meter."


We require that you group follow-up posts into one thread by using the comments section of the original post. This ensures people know more of the story when answering or asking questions. There is too much activity in this group to remember a previous post, and people get annoyed when someones posts too much about the same thing.
- E.g., Post your questions/updates in the comments of your original post about that beer.


If you wish to share something you are brewing or want to brew, please include as much information as possible. Sharing detailed recipe/process information should be done as a full post, so people can ask questions.

If you just want to share a quick picture or comment to let others share in your excitement, please use the “What Are You Brewing” (WAYB) thread. This thread is meant to encourage quick posts about brewing without the usual rules about sharing details.


Personal classified ads for equipment/supplies are encouraged, and should be made on our sister group"GTA Brews Classifieds". An “asking price” is required for each item/lot. If giving away, just say FREE. Posts for resale of tickets are allowed and also need an “asking price,” and should be deleted when a buyer is found. We also encourage members to organize group buys of any homebrewing related items they can think of.

Selling of alcohol (homebrew or commercial) is not allowed our groups, these posts will be deleted. Trading homebrew is permitted, but trading commercial beer should be done in one of the many places dedicated to that.

We want to build positive and constructive relationships with our partner companies. Businesses that are related to craft beer and homebrewing are welcome to share news, event, and product announcements of interest in the GTA Brews Classifieds group.


Commercial beer is related to the purpose of the group, and we love it too, however we have some rules to stop it from overshadowing the main homebrewing purpose.

The “What Are You Drinking” (WAYD) thread is the designated place to share what commercial beer you are drinking/buying. These posts will be deleted from the main feed so that relevant homebrew discussion isn’t buried. Homebrew can be posted in WAYD too, but we encourage you make a new post with recipe/process information instead to incite discussion and learning. Advent beers are exempt, please use the advent post for that.

Anything that is intentionally harmful to the reputation of a brewery is subject to deletion. Pro-brewers are some of our largest supporters and go out of their way to sponsor events and competitions, as well as answer questions. All discussion about flaws found in commercial beer should be constructive and detailed.


This is a group primarily for discussing homebrewing and craft beer. Any outside links posted should contain quality information about beer and brewing. Links not related to the interests/intent of the group are subject to deletion at the discretion of the admins.
Off-topic discussion will be deleted by the mods, at their discretion.

This includes discussion of making spirits/distillation, which is illegal to do at home in Canada. Discussion of fractional distillation will be allowed on a case-by-case basis as long as the intent is to make a “beer” and not a spirit.


We strive to be an inclusive, welcoming, and diverse community. There will be no tolerance of discrimination based on any grounds, sexism, rude behaviour, or personal attacks. These kinds of posts/comments will be locked and/or deleted.

Treat other members with respect by talking in a factual, constructive, and positive manner. Members come to the page expecting to learn in a positive environment without ridicule.

These guidelines are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the group moderators.