Club Events Calendar

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Homebrewing experience is not a requirement to attend our events. We are welcoming to people of all experience levels and backgrounds.

Some events are open only to paid members due to AGCO requirements regarding serving homebrewed beer under SOP. These events are marked with [PMO] in the title, which means Paid Members Only. Please visit our Membership Page to become a Paid Member, there are no pre-requisites, just pay the small yearly fee.

Annual Events:

Seasonal Competitions - Smaller competitions run seasonally, capped at a low entry cap to allow the best feedback possible. Meant to encourage new competitors.

Brew Slam - Our big annual homebrew competition with entries from across the country. Part of the BOTY circuit, and has lots of prizes, medals, and Pro-Ams to be awarded.

Monthly Meetings - We meet every month to socialize, learn, and get feedback on our beer. We focus on education and palate training at these events with presentations and homebrew feedback/evaluation.

Learn2Brew - Our big annual public event where we set up as many brewing demonstrations as we can to share our love of brewing with anyone that wants to learn.