Competition Calendar

GTA Brews members are encouraged to enter their beers into homebrew competitions for feedback and possibly prizes! This page has information about tons of awesome local competitions, and also some info about some awesome competitions happening across Canada.

If you are new to homebrew competitions, please check out our BJCP Competition Guide. It has lots of tips, and helpful info to make your experience a success.

Brew Slam – National

We run one big national competition every year called Brew Slam, where brewers from all over Canada enter as part of the Brewer of the Year Circuit. This competition is judged by BJCP judges according to the BJCP Beer Style Guidelines. See the following page for more details:

GTA Brews Brew Slam 2018 – BOTY

Deadline: Nov 3rd
Judging: Nov 9th – 11th

Seasonal Competitions

We run feedback only competitions several times per year on a seasonal basis. These competitions are means for GTA Brews members (though anyone can enter) to compete against each other to brew the best beer of the season. This competitions is restricted to seasonally appropriate categories. See the following page for more details:

GTA Brews – Spring Showdown 2017

Deadline: Saturday May 27th, 2017

Other Local Competitions

Here are some other local competitions in Southern Ontario that we think you should enter!

Competition Location Deadline Website
Barnstormer Fly With Us 2018 Barrie, ON Mar 28, 2018 Website
Short Finger TBN 2018 Kitchener, ON Apr 14th, 2018 Website
Niagara College Brewing Competition Niagara, ON TBD Website

BOTY Competitions

Competitions in this section are part of the Brewer of the Year circuit. A Canada-wide circuit of competitions tracked by the BOTY program. At the end of the year the brewer and club with the most points wins!

GTA Brews coordinates entry shipping for members to encourage participation. Visit our GTA Brews Shipping for BOTY page for more info.

Competition Location Deadline Website
Yeast Wranglers Homebrew Roundup Calgary, AB Feb 21, 2018 Website
Lethbridge Werthogs WertContest Lethbridge, AB Mar 16, 2018 Website
Mountain View Homebrew Open Olds, AB TBD Website
ALES Open Regina, SK Apr 4, 2018 Website
VanBrewer Awards Vancouver, BC May 11, 2018 Website
Because Beer Homebrew Competition Hamilton, ON May 14, 2018 Website
EHG Aurora Brewing Challenge Edmonton, AB May 28, 2018 Website
National Capital Homebrew Competition Ottawa, ON TBD Website
Beau’s Oktoberfest Homebrew Competition Ottawa, ON TBD Website
Winnipeg BrewBombers ProAm Brew Challenge Winnipeg, MB Oct 13, 2018 Website
Saskatoon Head Hunters Brewing Competition Saskatoon, SK Nov 4, 2018 Website
GTA Brews Brew Slam Toronto, ON Nov 3, 2018 Website


* All competitions on this page will be judged using BJCP Style Guidelines, unless marked otherwise.
* Competitions marked with NON-BJCP will not necessarily be judged using BJCP Style Guidelines and/or BJCP Trained Judges

If you would like to have your competition listed here please email