Club Recipe Database

GTA Brews is a club filed with lots of incredibly talented homebrewers. The goal of this recipe database is to immortalize and share our most successful recipes for all our members to brew and learn from. In this database you’ll find a wide variety of homebrew recipes, including everything from competition winners to crowd favourites.

As this recipe database grows, you’ll find if handy to use the provided filters and search box to find that you are looking for. You can filter by style, brewer name, and types of awards won.

If you would like to nominate someone else’s recipe, or have one of your own to share, please read the How to Add a Recipe section below.

Recipe Directory

Beer StyleBrewer NameRecipe NameAwards
American Light LagerJon MainsMains LagerBOTY
Helles BockKieth CainesLBS Winning MaibockLast Brewer Standing
SaisonMike VandervoortNHC Medal SaisonNHC
Specialty IPA - NEIPAMike VandervoortHurricane Nat NEIPABrew Slam
California CommonPietro CairaPietro Caira's California Common
SaisonMark VerokMark Verok's House SaisonBrew Slam
Munich HellesChris SaundersChris Saunders German Helles
Bière de GardeChris SchryerChris Schryer Ardennes Farmhouse
German PilsMarcelo PanizaPilsnermonicBrew Slam
Imperial StoutEric CousineauBridal Brau
Black IPAMatti CowanBreath of the Kveik
Winter Seasonal BeerKieth CainesSpruce Tip Winter AleLast Brewer Standing
Berliner WeissePatrick BrownBernie's WifeVanbrewer Awards

How to Add a Recipe

If you would like to get your recipe added into the database, please send an email to that meets the requirements laid out below. If you would like to nominate someone else’s recipe, please email them to ask for the details we need, and CC

Note: We currently have a large backlog of recipes to add from Member Profiles, so please help us out by providing everything we need to add your recipe quickly.

We Require:

  • Brewer Name and Recipe Name
    • If you aren’t the brewer, please CC them so we can get permission
  • A paragraph explaining the story behind the recipe
    • This will help motivate others to brew it!
  • BJCP subcategory name (for classification)
    • We can help categorize if you aren’t sure
  • Pictures we can include in the post (of you, of the beer, of awards, etc..)
  • Recipe Format (BeerXML)
    • This recipe export format is available in most brewing software including Beersmith and Brewers Friend.
    • Before exporting, please make sure that you specify all necessary details in the brewing software. Any special notes/instructions should go in Recipe Notes field of your brewing software.
    • This recipe is an example of the result of a complete BeerXML file