Club Equipment Rental Program

After much promise, GTA Brews is happy to announce the launch of the GTA Brews rental program! This has been a long time in the making, so thank you for your patience and everyone that has contributed to the successful launch of this program.

Since this is a new line of business for the club, this will be an iterative process as we learn some early lessons from the program, tweak to respond to member feedback and some operational realities.

How It Works

Please read this entire section before signing up!

Length of rental: Each rental product in the catalogue can be rented for 7 days (one week). Rentals require a 72 hour advance notice.

Cost: Every item has a rental fee of $30 per week. The fee is distributed as follows:

  1. $15 is reinvested into the club (e.g. rental program, storage locker fees)
  2. $15 is provided to the equipment coordinator (i.e. the Club Officer driving to/from the storage locker)

Note: CO2 tank rentals have a $5 fee added to cover refilling the CO2 tank.

Deposit: Every item in the catalogue has a deposit attached to it. This will only be drawn upon if the product is returned damaged, or not returned clean. Generally speaking, the deposit is 40% of the retail price of the item.

Pickup Location: At this time, there are two pickup locations for the rental:

  1. Club Storage Locker: Smart Stop Storage @ 19 Esandar Drive
  2. David Larocque’s House: 128 Fulton Avenue (Greektown)

In all cases, the equipment coordinator will confirm the pickup location and time of your rental. The same applies for returning the rented product. Our service standard is to respond within 24 hours of a rental being placed to confirm pickup details.


Our eStore accepts payments through Stripe (credit card) and PayPal Checkout (linked bank account or PayPal balance). If neither of these payment methods work for you, we’ve also included an “Offline Payment” option where we can arrange payment on the side. You must email us before you select “Offline Payment” to work out the details before placing your order.

Since the grain buy has moved into our eStore, you must pay up front to reserve your order.


Please note: New rental items may be added form time to time!