GTA Brews Shipping for BOTY 2024

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We’re very excited to announce our club shipping program for the 2024 Brewer of the Year circuit. This program makes competition participation much less expensive for club members. If you are new to competitions, please read our BJCP Competition Guide for some tips to help you succeed.

*** Please read carefully as instructions have changed ***

GTA Brews Competition Shipping Policy

Shipping through the club is subsidized down to $1.50/bottle if we pack them for you (packaging materials and shipping). If you wish to use other bottle shapes or sizes or wish to pack yourself, you are welcome to package your entries at home and drop off a sealed box. In this case, you will be charged the $0.50/bottle for shipping. Members that don't wish to declare "GTA Brews" may still ship through the club, but will be charged the un-subsidized rate.

No matter which shipping method you choose, you will need to create an order (item #2 of each competition below), pay for it, print a copy and send it with your entries. Please make sure the copy of the order is visible for the officers to process it.

A reminder to all club members that beer entries must be named following the club guidelines. Names that could be misconstrued as discriminatory or non-inclusive (e.g. derogatory phrases, references to sexual misconduct, objectification, etc) do not meet GTA Brews values. Please use your best judgement and review our Code of Conduct for further guidance. GTA Brews reserves the right to hold back entries that are deemed inappropriate.

All entries must be packaged in 12 oz (355 mL) longneck bottles, otherwise, they will not fit into our cardboard bottle shippers.
Other bottle shapes and sizes will not be accepted if we pack the entries for you.

Entry Drop Off Locations

We have arranged several drop off locations to maximize the opportunity for participation. Each location has a different drop off deadline according to our expected collection date. See the competition list below for exact dates (requires membership login).

Drop off locations: Monthly Meetings, David Chang-Sang's home (see below), Dan Mills' home (see below), Carsten Weitemeyer's home (see below), Dan Copeland's home (see below), or Cory Fletcher's home (see below).

Step-by-Step: How to Participate

  • Register your entries on the competition software
    • Most competitions have entry caps, so make sure there is space left in the competition before registering to ship with the club
    • To take advantage of the subsidized shipping fee you must declare "GTA Brews" as your club when registering your entry
  • Package entries in 12 oz (355 mL) longneck bottles
    • Any other size/shape requires you to pack your own box
  • Pay your entry fees to the competition, then print bottle labels
  • Attach bottle labels to bottles according to competition instructions
    • Usually elastic band
  • Register for club shipping using the links below, and pay the shipping fee
    • Print a copy of your shipping order
  • Drop off entries at preferred drop-off location before the associated deadline
    • Check the deadline for your drop off location below
    • Bring the printed copy of your shipping order along with your entries
  • We'll send you the tracking link when the entries have shipped

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