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Last Brewer Standing Update + Round 4

Last night Round 3 wrapped up at Muddy York. It was another exciting night of glory for some, shame and disappointment for others.

Here were the results:

Match 1 – 17A – British Strong Ale
Tim Burnett vs. Evan Bonsell
Evan was the winner

Match 2 – 17C – Wee Heavy
Kym Watts vs. Mark Verok
Mark was the winner.

Match 3 – 26D – Belgian Dark Strong
Jase Gudat vs. Keith Caines
Keith was the winner.

Match 4 – 15C – Irish Extra Stout
Emily Storey vs. Mike Vandervoort
Mike was the winner.

Only 4 remain.

Round 4 will have a new requirement! Tavistock Hops was super generous and donated all the hops for this round. Each brewer will be receiving 12oz of Tavistock hops that MUST be used in its entirety and no other hops may be used.

Round 4 matchups are the following:

Match 1 – 21B5 – Specialty IPA: Rye IPA
Keith Caines vs. Mark Verok
Hops: 4oz Cascade, 4oz Centennial, 4oz Rakau

Match 2 – 21B2 – Specialty IPA: Black IPA
Evan Bonsell vs. Mike Vandervoort
Hops: 4oz Cascade, 4oz Rakau, 4oz Glacier

Descriptions of the hops can be found at Tavistocks webpage here:

Hop breakdown from Tavistock:

Cascade – Our Cascade have notes of Citrus and Mango 2018 Alpha 5.1% // Beta 7.2 % Centennial – Earthy and floral with an element of citrus Alpha 6.6 // Beta 2.9%
Rakau – Aroma’s of Stone Fruit, Red Licorice and Grassy notes 2018 Alpha 8.7% // Beta 2.% Glacier – Our Glacier have notes of Citrus, Herbal, Earthy and hints of fruit. 2018 Alpha 4.1. // Beta 5.2%

Good luck and good brewing! Round 4 will be judged at the meeting in March.

Last Brewer Standing – Round 3

Round 3 is commencing now. It will be a slightly different round than previous as it is sponsored by none other than Escarpment Labs who have generously provided all the yeast for the participants.

Because there will be no meeting in December, LBS round 3 will be judged at the January meaning. More time for the brewers to brew the stronger beers we have chosen. Brewers must use the specific strain provided by Escarpment.

Here are the matchups!

Match 1 – 26D – Belgian Dark Strong Ale (Escarpment St. Remy)

Jase Gudat vs. Keith Caines

Match 2 – 17A – British Strong Ale (Escarpment English Ale 1)

Tardy Tim Burnett vs. Evan Bonsell

Match 3 – 15C – Irish Extra Stout (Escarpment Irish Ale)

Emily Storey vs. Mike Vandervoort

Match 4 – 17C – Wee Heavy (Escarpment Scottish Ale)

Kym Watts vs. Mark Verok

Good luck to everyone!

Last Brewer Standing Round 2 Update!

Another exciting round took place last night at the October Meeting at Northern Maverick! Just as in previous rounds, the quality of the beer was impressive. Its almost like people are trying to win this competition.

Unfortunately, we can’t all be winners, only half the people move on past Round 2. Hearts were broken last night, and if you weren’t there, you missed a lovely poem from Emily Storey, dedicated to none other than her competitor Jesse Reynolds.

Here are the results!

1D – American Wheat (Mark Verok vs Matti Cowan)
Mark was the winner
11B – Best Bitter (Guillaume Couture-Levesque vs. Kym Watts)
Kym Watts was the winner
15A – Irish Red (Mike V vs Bear)
Mike V was the winner
20B – American Stout (Sean Holden vs. Evan Bonsell)
Stinky Bonsell was the winner
1C – Cream Ale (Jesse Reynolds vs Emily Storey)
Emily was the winner
25A – Belgian Blond (Tardy Tim Burnett vs Mark Hubbard)
Tardy Tim Burnett was the winner
14B – Scottish Heavy (Eric Cousineau vs Keith Caines)
Keith was the winner
15B – Irish Stout (Iain Robertson vs Jase Gudat)
Jase was the winner
Round 3 details will be coming in the next fews days.
Congrats to the winners, my condolences to the losers (even Guillaume).