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Club Barrel Fill #4 - Recap

On May 25th we emptied the beautiful Golden Sour (from Fill #3) that went in barrel back on April 28th 2018. It is a beautiful, golden sour. With just a hint of oak from the barrel a great tartness and beautiful mouth feel. Very nicely executed beer.

Once the Golden Sour was out, we immediately refilled the barrel with our 4th recipe, a Flanders Red style beer. Realizing there will be some residual bacteria and Brettanomyces yeast that should add an interesting skew to the style. For good measure we also added 8 packs of Wyeast Roeselare Blend (3763), graciously donated by Brew North.

We hope to let this beer age for a year in the barrel at our generous hosts, People’s Pint. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements on the next style going into the barrel and the opportunity to be a part of it!

Racking the Flanders Red into for Barrel Fill #4

People's Pint even put their portion of the Golden Sour (#3) on the GTA Brews tap!

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