Bulk Buys, Sign-ups, and Community Links

Members and the club itself often organize large purchases of equipment, supplies, or ingredients in order to secure a discount by buying in volume. Some club events, like the advent calendar, also have to be coordinated with a sign-up sheet. These and other club relevant links and Google docs are collected here for your convenience. If you have questions about a particular buy or event, please contact the organizer listed for that entry.

500ML Sour Bottle Buy

Announcement Post

Organizer: Cory Scott

Sign-up Deadline: November 8th, 2016

Sign-up Sheet

2016 Advent Calendar

There are still lots of slots available in the North swap!

Swap Days: November 26th (West) and 27th (East and North)

Event Page

Sign-up Sheet

The Club Map

Homebrew supply stores, member locations, and craft bars. Drop a pin for yourself!

What Are You Drinking/Brewing Threads

Two of the most popular regular posts on the club Facebook page. Keep other members up to date and participate in discussions!

What Are You Drinking?

What Are You Brewing?