Stewarding Guide


Stewards are the lifeblood of every judging day and are the reason that things moving. They support the judges and making sure they have everything they need to do their job. This includes: stocking the table (glasses, scoresheets, etc..), managing the entries, and keeping the paperwork up to date.

This is a fantastic learning opportunity because stewards have a front row seat to listen to the judges discuss entries and to learn from their experience. When time allows, stewards are encouraged to taste along with the judges as a practical palate training exercise. After volunteering, many stewards are inspired to go on and become judges themselves.

Thank you for volunteering as a steward! This page will guide you through a stewarding session. Don't worry, it's mostly pictures.

Category Judging

Obtaining Beers and Category Paperwork

Before each judging session, you will need to ensure that you have all of the beers for your tables. Entries are listed on a pull sheet, and a category summary sheet is used to keep track of the judges. We provide coolers to keep all of the beers cold. For the most part, beers are poured in order of the pull sheet.

Judge Seating Arrangement
Category Summary Sheet
Category Pull Sheet
Pouring and Tracking on the Pull Sheet

Each beer is labelled twice: once across the top and once on the side of the can or bottle. There are also two "Entry Information" stickers for each beer (these will be on a separate sheet). Entry and category numbers should match on all labels.

Before bringing a bottle to the judges, uncap it (do not throw out the cap) and mark down the pour order on the pull sheet. Bring the bottle and 2 "Entry Information Stickers" to a judge pair and read them any necessary information listed on the side label. Once they are done pouring, bring the bottle back to the cooler and re-cap it.

Pull order sheet, with first 3 entries distributed to judges
Collecting Score Sheets

When a pair of judges finishes judging an entry, collect their score sheets. Double check the score addition. Double check that they have checked off all the tick-boxes. Ask the judge to correct any discrepancies.

Each judge pair is responsible for filling out their own score sheets and flight summary sheet.

Copy the top beers from each judge pair's flight sheet down on the category summary sheet. You will need these beers handy for Mini-BOS.

Top beers from each judge pair. Pair 1 does not send a 3rd beer because it was under 30 points.


If your category was judged by more than one pair of judges, you will need to do a mini best of show (aka mini-BOS) to determine the category winners. You will need up to 3 judges, with no more than 1 judge from each pair.

Preparing for Mini-BOS

You will need to have the top beers from each judge pair handy. These should be copied down on your category summary sheet.

Top beers from each judge pair, which are eligible for Mini-BOS

Set the table with one mini-BOS sheet for each judge. Pour the top scoring beer from each judge pair, and circle these entries on the category summary sheet.

The first beers are poured for Mini-BOS
First-pours in Mini-BOS are circled on the category summary sheet
Determining 1st Place

The judges agree that entry 18005 is the winner between the three beers. Mark it down on the category summary sheet.

Remove 18005 from the table. Pour the next beer from that judge pair and circle it on the category summary sheet. In this case it is entry 18002.

Determining 2nd Place

Once the judges agree on a second place beer (entry 18002 in this example), mark it down on the category summary sheet.

Remove 18002 from the table.

Determining 3rd Place

Judge pair 1 did not send 3 beers to Mini-BOS, because they did not have 3 beers over 30 points. In this case judges choose 3rd place from the beers currently left on the table. Once the judges agree on a third place beer (entry 019002), mark it down on the category summary sheet.

It is assumed that the first place beer will move on to overall best of show (BOS). Ask the judges to confirm this. If they want to exclude the beer from overall BOS, check the box at the bottom of the category summary sheet.

On the pull sheet, tick off the winners and beers which were poured in mini-BOS. These entries should already be circled on the summary sheet. Completed category summary sheet and pull sheet should look like this:

Clean Up

All of the beers which had been opened for judging in this category need to be disposed of. There are buckets, and a sink at the bar for draining.

Clip together all paperwork and bring it to the registrar at the computer.