Sponsors, Awards, & Prizes – Brew Slam 2017

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Major Awards

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The winners from each category will be awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal, as well as gift cards and/or prizes provided by our fabulous sponsors. In addition to the medals and prizes above, the following special awards will be crowned:

Best of Show – Awarded to the single best beer entry, as determined in a final judging round with the best beers from the whole competition. Second and third BOS winners will also receive special prizes.

Toronto Brewer of the Year – Awarded to the GTA Brews entrant with the highest medal point count from beer categories. (Gold = 3 pts, Silver = 2 pts, Bronze = 1 pt)

Mead Maker of the Year – Awarded to the single best mead entry, by score

Cider Maker of the Year – Awarded to the single best cider entry, by score

*A minimum score of 30 is required to medal.

Henderson Cup

The top 10 entries from GTA Brews will be invited to re-submit a bottle of their beer for their chance at a $1000 cash prize and a Pro-Am with Henderson Brewing. Make sure to save a 3rd bottle for each of your entries so you are able to re-submit if you place in the top 10!

Click Here to read full details about the Henderson Cup!

Sponsors and Prizes

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for helping to make this competition possible! We work with our sponsors to supply prizes for our winners, volunteers, and even participants. The current prize tally is:

$3,350 in prizes

More sponsors will be added as the competition approaches! If you are interested in sponsoring our competition please email: comp@gtabrews.ca

Title Sponsor

Toronto Brewing

$15 gift card for each Silver Medalist
$10 gift card for each Bronze Medalist
$20 gift card for each volunteer

Judging Venue Sponsor

Amsterdam Brewery

Judging Venue


Awards Venue Sponsor

Henderson Brewing
Henderson Brewing

Awards Ceremony Venue
Henderson Cup Sponsor – $1000 cash

Platinum Sponsor

 Platinum Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor

 Gold Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Category and Pro-Am Sponsors:

Pro-Am Sponsor

Pro-Am Sponsor

1 – Light Lager

2 – Pale European Lager

3 – Pilsner

4 – Amber Lager

5 – Dark Lager

6 – Bock

7 – English Pale Ale

8 – Scottish & Irish Ale

9 – American Pale Ale

10 – Other Pale American Ale

11 – Amber & Brown American Ale

12 – English Brown Ale

13 – Porter

14 – Stout

15 – Strong Stout

16 – American IPA

17 – Other IPA

18 – German Wheat & Rye Beer

19 – Belgian & French Ale

20 – Belgian Strong Ale

21 – Sour Ale

22 – Strong Ale

23 – Fruit Beer

24 – Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer

25 – Smoke-Flavoured & Wood-Aged Beer

26 – American Wild Ale

27 – Specialty Beer

28 – Traditional Mead

29 – Specialty Mead

30 – Traditional Cider

31 – Specialty Cider