January Meeting: Wet & Wild - Intro to Brewing Water with Eric Cousineau!

Location: Rainhard Brewing Co
Date: Monday January 8th, 2024
Time: 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM ET

It's 2024; a new year and the perfect time to hone our technical brewing skills. To kick things off, as is now traditional, Eric Cousineau will be focusing on the controversial and mysterious dihydrogen monoxide molecule, a colourless and odourless chemical compound also referred to by some as DHMO, Hydrogen Hydroxide, Hydronium Oxide, or simply by its "street" name: "water."

Despite this nefarious chemical being found to cause sweating and urination, being a major component of acid rain, contributing to erosion, decreasing the effectiveness of automobile brakes, and being deadly if inhaled, it's still the #1 ingredient of beer at nearly 95%... More info on this in the video below:

Come visit us at Rainhard Brewing to get educated and learn how to manage this problematic molecule.

We'll also be re-establishing the long lost art of Structured Tastings at the beginning of this meeting. Bring some homebrew (and some thick skin (just kidding)) to get an expert critique from BJCP-minded judges on what's working for the beer, and how you might improve it further. Don't worry, it's all good-spirited and with the intent of helping everyone (including the judges) improve.

Also, please don't forget to patronize our hosts!! Rainhard offers a wide selection of fine beers to go so don't hesitate to grab some especially if you don't get out to see them as often as you'd like!

And, Don’t forget to bring your tasting glass!

Meeting Schedule

  • Social Time / Registration: 7:00 PM
  • Structured Tastings: 7:01 - 7:30 PM (more info on these here)
  • Club Announcements: ~7:45 PM
  • Presentation: 8:05 PM – Water Chemistry With Eric Cousineau
  • Social Time: ~9:00 PM -10:00 PM

Presentation: Water Chemistry with Eric Cousineau!

Eric Cousineau wrangles DHMO in full protective PPE

We are happy to welcome back Eric Cousineau to give us his presentation on the introduction to water chemistry! As is tradition, January's meeting theme is Brewing Water Chemistry! This month will mark the 8th iteration of Eric's famous "Intro to Brewing Water" presentation. We will start with the basics like pH and minerals, and their effect on your brewing. Then we will deep dive into some practical tips and tricks to make you comfortable thinking about, and adjusting, brewing water as part of your brewing process.

If you've never seen this presentation before, you don't want to miss it! If you've seen past versions of it, there will be some new refinements, and it will also give you a great opportunity to refresh.

Membership & Guest Attendance

Due to AGCO requirements for serving home-brewed beer under SOP (Special Occasion Permit), club membership is required to attend monthly meetings. However, prospective members are invited to attend their first meeting as a guest to check us out before committing to membership.

Attend once and you’ll want to keep coming back, we promise!

Click here to get on the guest list for free.


If you're feeling under the weather, or not well, please do not attend - don't worry, we're working on getting this meeting recorded to the best of our ability and uploading it after the fact to our YouTube channel. We just want everyone to be cautious for their own health and the health of others.