Canadian Homebrew Day

Canadian Homebrew Day Graphic

We are pleased to announce that our 2023 edition of Canadian Homebrew Day (CHD) will be in-person at Toronto Brewing!

Sat. June 3rd, 2023
Toronto Brewing (3701 Chesswood Drive, Unit 115)
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

On Saturday June 3rd, we will have a live brewing demonstration and be available to answer questions and promote the hobby!

GTA Brews Members will be present and brewing on club equipment! Come, see, support and chat with fellow members and members of the public about the joys of homebrewing!

Recipe: Bia-Hoi by Chi-Linh Dinh

This year's recipe, now available in the club recipe database, is Chi-Llinh Dinh's "Bia Hoi" (Vietnamese for 'fresh beer'). Chi created this recipe to emulate the type of beer her father and his friends used to drink back home in Vietnam! It's a light (about 4% ABV), refreshing lager that's meant to be drank very fresh once it's fermented!

If you are indeed brewing that day, please take some pictures and share it with our community and beyond by tagging GTA Brews and #CanadianHomebrewDay in your posts!