GTA Brews presents... Last Brewer Standing II!!

So you've heard the rumblings, the mumblings and grumblings. Or maybe you haven't. But Last Brewer Standing is BACK. Get those COVID-19 tested, tweaked and perfected recipes ready for the big stage! After years of hogging the trophy, it's time for everyone to take a run at the reigning Last Brewer Standing champ, Kieth Caines, and claim that trophy as their own!

Now for the finer details.


For those that are new to the club, Last Brewer Standing was first held in 2018. Conceptually, it was a 32 member competition featuring 5 rounds. In each round, each participant was randomly matched up against another. Each match up was assigned a specific beer style to brew and given 2 months to brew, carbonate and package said beer. The faceoffs took place at our regular club meetings. Certified BJCP judges tasted both beers and decided which one moves on to the next round. The next round (also randomized) had an entirely new set of beers to brew with an additional 2 months. Repeat until there is a winner!

Will anything change in the Last Brewing Standing II? 

Last Brewer Standing II will again be a 32 member competition and be head-to-head matchups. After discussion amongst the leadership, a key change to this competition's format will be the introduction of a Group Stage. Similar to the FIFA World Cup (can I say that? copyright?), the tournament will feature 8 groups of 4 brewers. In the group stage, each member of the group will face-off against the other members in a series of 3 one-on-one matchups. As per the above, each matchup will be 2 months apart. The brewer with the most wins in each group will move on to the elimination rounds. In the event of a tie at the end of the group stage, whoever won the head to head matchup between the two competitors will move on to the elimination round.

The elimination rounds are:

  • Quarterfinals (8 brewers)
  • Semifinals (4 brewers)
  • Finals (2 brewers)


I already said this. But in case you skimmed, the regular GTA Brews Meetings that take place 2nd Monday of the every month. Note - in 2023 GTA Brews plans on taking a summer break, so there may not be meetings in July/August 2023. But, that remains to be confirmed.


Sign up is at the bottom of this post. Once filled up, we will announce the groups and the beers they must brew. Ideally, the first round will be judged in April, but this is contingent on registrations..


You! If you sign up! *Note, must be GTA Brews member.


So that finally someone can (hopefully) take a run at Kieth Caines and wipe that smile off his face! Just look at him!

But more seriously, we hope to arrange some prizes for the top four contestants. More details to come.

How Much? 

Only $10. Strictly to cover the cost of cups for judging and other incidentals. Sign up soon! The sooner we have the 32 spots filled, the sooner the competition can begin!

Even More Finer details?

  • Judges will be chosen (volunteered) at the meetings. Rounds 1-3 judges can be anyone, but preference will be for BJCP judges. You cannot of course judge your own beer or those in your group. Elimination rounds will have BJCP judges.
  • Entrants must be present at the meeting OR have a proxy.
  • Entrants must bottle beer in STANDARD 355ml bottles with no labels or markings. No exceptions. At least 3 bottles brought in for the meeting (one to judge, one to share with competitor)

*Might want to fact check that.

**well, 32 people tops this round.

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