February Meeting: The (REAL) Garage Brewery with Stephen Rodermond

Date: Tuesday February 15th, 2022
Time: 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM ET

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It's February and this month we are happy to have GTA Brews Member Stephen Rodermond to give us a presentation on opening up a brewery (yes... a legal brewery) in his garage!

As with any conference call, please mute your microphone if you aren't speaking, this really helps cut down on background noise. During Q&A segments we will make use of the "Raise Hand" feature.

Meeting Schedule

  • Style of the Month: 7:30 PM
  • Club Announcements: ~8:00 PM
  • Presentation: 8:05 PM – The Garage Brewery with Stephen Rodermond
  • Social Time: ~8:45-10:00 PM

Presentation: The Garage Brewery with Stephen Rodermond!

Stephen Rodermond

We are happy to have Stephen Rodermond of Oranje Son Brewery with us this month! Stephen accomplished what many homebrewers dream of but few do - he opened a brewery out of his garage! Oranje Son Brewing (pronounced or-rine-ya) is located in Caledonia, and Stephen will talk about its journey and take questions.

Stephen’s been brewing for over 6 years, won multiple brewing awards and his days are filled running his own HVAC company and being a single parent of a wonderful daughter. His brewery focuses on traditional beer styles with a goal to have well rounded variety of styles available.

Style Of The Month: Stouts and Strong Ales

Emily Elizabeth Storey is picking up where last month's Style Of The Month left off and delving deeper into the darkness. This month, Emily looks at Stouts and Strong Ales of all types and provides a brief presentation on the styles and offer some prime examples.

If you can, try and snag a can (or two!) of a very popular local examples of these styles to taste along with us (these are just a few examples!):
* Parka Weather Oatmeal Stout from People's Pint Brewing Company
* Stork Derby Stout from Muddy York Brewing Company
* Beard Of Zeus Barley Wine from Great Lakes Brewery