December Meeting: Holiday Gathering

Monday December 13th at 7:00 PM
People's Pint Brewing Company
90 Cawthra Ave, Unit #101, Toronto, Ontario, M6N 3C2  MAP

This month come hang out, swap homebrews, and mingle!

This December we are being hosted by People's Pint Brewing Company. Thanks for hosting us! We request that everyone spend some money to support our wonderful host. They have plenty of beer-to-go in their bottle shop!

What's Different From The Last Time We Met?

As we are still within a global Pandemic, and we want to ensure safety for our members and for People's Pint staff, please note the following:

  • Capacity Limits: a maximum of 40 fully (aka double) vaccinated members will be allowed to attend.  "Purchase" your free ticket at the end of this post to reserve your spot!
  • Vaccine Passports: Please ensure you have downloaded your Ontario Vaccine Certificate (QR Code) from the Ontario Government's website as you'll be required to present it in order to attend.
  • Physical Distancing: While only fully vaccinated members will be in attendance, please remember to treat others with respect and, if someone's uncomfortable, provide them the appropriate personal space.

First time? Read our Monthly Meeting overview!

Bringing Beer to Share: Do you want everyone to have a chance to taste your beer? Great! There are usually 40+ people at each meeting so we recommend bringing at least:

  • Four 355mL bottles, two 650mL bottles, or a growler
  • Recipe notes – people will want to know what you did to make your beer
Don’t forget to bring your tasting glass!

Meeting Schedule

  • Homebrew Social: 7:00-10:00 PM:
    • Mingle: Hang out, socialize, and share homebrew!
  • Clean Up: 10:00 PM – All the fun comes at a price. Please stick around for a few minutes and help us straighten up! Your help is greatly appreciated.

Membership Attendance Only

Due to AGCO requirements for serving home-brewed beer under SOP (Special Occasion Permit), club membership is required to attend monthly meetings.

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