October Meeting: Yeast Q&A with Dr. Richard Preiss of Escarpment Labs!

Date: Monday October 18th, 2021
Time: 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM

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This month we are over-the-moon to have Dr. Richard Preiss, co-founder of Escarpment Labs, give us a presentation this month and take a Q&A on all things yeast related!

As with any conference call, please mute your microphone if you aren't speaking, this really helps cut down on background noise. During Q&A segments we will make use of the "Raise Hand" feature.

Meeting Schedule

  • Style of the Month: 7:30 PM
  • Club Announcements: ~8:00 PM
  • Presentation: 8:05 PM – Yeast Q&A With Dr. Richard Preiss
  • Social Time: ~8:45-10:00 PM

Presentation: Yeast Q&A With Dr. Richard Preiss

Dr. Richard Preiss

We are stoked to have Escarpment Labs co-founder and scientist Dr. Richard Preiss here this month to take our questions (and provide answers) on yeast and what's going on at Escarpment Labs! Richard is an active brewing scientist and long-time homebrewer. At Escarpment, Richard's focus is on translating new research into exciting products and knowledge for brewers. Richard loves to help brewers to solve problems, overcome challenges, and unlock efficiencies. One day, Richard will write a manifesto on Brettanomyces..

Please post your questions to Richard by using our shared Google Spreadsheet

Style Of The Month: Stouts / Porters

Emily Elizabeth Storey is here once again with the BJCP Style Of The Month! This month, Emily looks at Stouts and Porters, invites us to embrace these darker ales, and provides a brief presentation on the styles and offer some prime examples.