Member Profile: David Chang-Sang

David Chang-Sang

What is your occupation (outside homebrewing)?

Systems/Process Analyst

What got you into homebrewing?

In the early 1990’s I happened upon a short TV Series / Documentary on TV Ontario called “Homebrew” which had Charlie Papazian as the host/narrator - I was hooked.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of homebrewing?

I’m also a long time plastic model builder - focusing mainly on Canadian military subjects from the early 1900 onward.

How long have you been brewing and how many batches last year?

Since 1990/91... stopped in the mid 90's and came back to it in 2018. Last year I brewed 26 batches!!

Do you have any favourite styles you like to brew?

Lately it’s been just about any type of lager or English styles.

What kind of setup do you use?

BIAB (Brew-in-a-Bag) - I’ve considered going to a 2 or 3 vessel system but then I think of cost, time etc.

What is the worst beer you have brewed?

Probably one of my first IPA's after coming back to the hobby - it was hot and had too much carbonation.

What did you learn from that worst beer?

Temperature control during fermentation is your friend 🙂

What is the best beer you have brewed?

For the 2019 Brew Slam Awards I brewed an “Oat Pale Ale” - something I had first had at Black Lab Brewing that I fell in love with - and I had wanted to brew something similar. This was the third or fourth iteration but it came together just right for that evening. Sure there are always improvements that can be made but now, this recipe is pretty close to where I wanted it to be from the start.

What is a change you have implemented that you feel made a big improvement in your beer?

Controlling the temperature during fermentation - it made all my beers so much better!

What advice would you give to a new homebrewer?

Don’t over think or over complicate your beer - most beers are quite simple recipe wise and end up tasting excellent!

Do you have any certifications related to beer and/or homebrewing (BJCP, Cicerone, etc…)?

Not yet!

What is your favourite yeast, grain, and hop?

Escarpment Labs Mexican Lager, Canada Malting Superior Pils, Most noble hops but lately, Saaz.

Do you have a name for your home brewery?

I joke around with it but "Chang-Sang Estates Brewery"

What beer is your white whale, one that you've been chasing to perfect?

Just about any Belgian style - blond specifically - I have a recipe that I’ve tried about 4 times and can never quite perfect it!