March Meeting: IPAs. All of them.

Monday February 10th at 7:00 PM
Muddy York Brewing Co.
22 Cranfield Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4B 3H1  MAP

This month we have four exciting meeting elements!

    • Homebrew Bottle Swap
    • Structured Tasting *New Format*
    • Style of the Month: IPA
      • Presented by: Emily Storey
    • IPA Recipe Formulation with Mike Vandervoort

      • Come with questions!

We are going back to our gracious host, Muddy York Brewing Co! We request that everyone spend some money to support our wonderful host. Don’t forget to buy some bottles from their shop!

First time? Read our Monthly Meeting overview!

Bringing Beer to Share: There are usually 40+ people at each meeting so we recommend bringing at least 1L of your beer if you want everyone to try it. If you want detailed feedback on your beer, consider arriving by 7 PM to ensure you get a spot in the Structured Tasting. Don't forget your recipe notes!

Don’t forget to bring your tasting glass!

Meeting Schedule

  • Structured Tasting: 7:00-7:30 PM
    • Group of veteran judges/brewers gather to give detailed feedback on member homebrew while everyone else mingles and catches up.
    • No Sign Up Required, first-come first-served.
  • Announcements: ~7:50 PM – Club President welcomes everyone to the meeting and makes announcements about upcoming events and activities
  • Style of the Month: IPA (8:00-8:15)
    • Emily Storey highlights different BJCP styles
  • Presentation: 8:15-9:00 PM – Mike Vandervoort talks about IPA recipe formulation.
  • Mingle: 9:00-10:00 PM – Stick around to socialize and share more homebrew
  • Clean Up: 10:00 PM – All the fun comes at a price. Please stick around for a few minutes and help us straighten up! Your help is greatly appreciated.

Presenter: Mike Vandervoort

Mike Van is a familiar name to many of our club members, and may need no introduction. He's a longtime club member, and is well known across Canada for his success on the BOTY circuit. While he seems to brew almost every style of beer, if you ask anyone what beer styles Mike is known for, everyone would say IPAs. He is famous for his tagline "just add more hops", which gives a view into his approach on hoppy beers.

This month Mike will walk us through his IPA recipe design approach, and share his best tips to help us all take our hoppy beers to the next level.

Bi-Monthly Homebrew Bottle Swap

Every other month we run a bottle swap! Just bring 6 bottles of your homebrew, and drop them off with Emily at the sign in desk. At the end of the meeting you’ll have 6 assorted bottles of homebrew to bring home! No sign-up necessary!

New Structured Tasting Format

Recent feedback from several club members has indicated that our current Structured Tasting format (introduced in Sept 2018) has reduced the amount of social time in the meetings by too much. After some discussion among club officers we decided to tweak the format again.

We will maintain the element of veteran tasters sharing their perceptions, however we will move Structured Tasting off the microphone. Instead the session will be conducted over to one side of the room so that people can choose if they wish to listen along or not.

Membership & Guest Attendance

Due to AGCO requirements for serving home-brewed beer under SOP (Special Occasion Permit), club membership is required to attend monthly meetings. However, prospective members are invited to attend their first meeting as a guest to check us out before committing to membership.

Attend once and you'll want to keep coming back, we promise!

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