September Guest: Kveik with Lars Marius Garshol

At our July meeting we announced that Lars Marius Garshol (of Larsblog) will be attending our September club meeting (Sept 9th). He'll be in town for Escarpment's Kveikstokk on Sept 10th, and agreed to come check out our club meeting and taste some homebrewed kveik beers!

Escarpment Labs' Richard Preiss will also be in attendance, making this a double Kveik whammy! As many of you know Richard has been a huge proponent of kveik, and have driven significant research into this exciting family of yeast.

Lars is responsible for the popularizing this workhorse yeast in the home and craft brewing world. This article from Good Beer Hunting does an excellent job telling the story about how Lars documented and popularized Kveik yeast.

We've promised them that there will be plenty of beers homebrewed with Kveik yeast to try, so it's time to get brewing!

If you aren't sure where to start, our style of the month for September is Pilsner & Light Lager, so we recommend a clean Pils-like beer with kveik yeast and some noble hops.

Brew North and Toronto Brewing both carry plenty of Kveik yeasts, so pick one up and get brewing! This yeast is known for rapid fermentation, so you can still brew several batches before Sept!

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