Announcing Spring Showdown 2019 - Homebrew Competition

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Our popular seasonal homebrew competition is back for 2019! As usual, we will be accepting all styles of beer, mead, and cider. Since this is our small competition, entry will be restricted to GTA Brews members only.

This seasonal competition is designed to be a “low stakes” introduction to BJCP competitions for club members to enter their beers for feedback and fun. The focus is on providing excellent feedback, so we keep the entry cap and fee low. Our hope is that lots of first-time entrants will find themselves on the winners list and be motivated to continue entering competitions. This competition will be judged by BJCP Judges according to the 2015 BJCP Guidelines.

If this if your first competition, please read our BJCP Competition Guide for tips on entering. If you aren’t sure which category to enter your beer, bring it to a club meeting, or email:

Registration Open: Apr 9th, 2019
Entry Deadline: May 24th, 2019
 Mon. May 27th, 2019 @ Northern Maverick [6:00 PM – 9:30 PM]

Cost of Entry: $5 per entry
Payment: Paypal Only
Styles Accepted: All BJCP Beer/Mead/Cider styles
Entry limits:
1 entry per classic style subcategory (1-26, C1, M1)
• 2 entries per specialty category (21B, 27-34, C2, M2-M4) must be different beers
• Max 3 entries per person, with an overall limit of 100 paid entries.
• This competition is only open to participants with active GTA Brews membership

Send questions to: