Last Brewer Standing Update + Round 5 (Final Round)

For those that missed it, Monday night (March 11th) was the judging of round 4 of Last Brewer Standing. There was shock, there was awe, there was glory! Well, at least I imagine so. I wasn't there to witness it. Anyways, here were the results:

Here were the results:

Match 1 - 21B5 - Rye IPA
Keith Caines vs. Mark Verok
Keith was the winner

Match 2 - 21B2 - Black IPA
Evan Bonsell vs. Mike Vandervoort
Evan was the winner. Beating Mike in an IPA category!

So this just leaves one round. Only 2 remain. We decided to see if they really had the chops for this round. So we decided that a lager was in order!

Round 5:

Evan Bonsell vs. Keith Caines
Beer = Maibock

This will be judged at the May meeting. Guest judges will include both Jeff Manol (an expert judge but also an expert brewer of Maibock) of Muddy York Brewing Co. and the competition sponsor Nick Zubaks of Brew North.

The winner of this round will take home all the glory, and also, $150 gift certificate to Brew North. Don't worry, the loser also gets a prize.... losing to the this years Last Brewer Standing Champion! Also, a $75 gift certificate to Brew North. The winner will also compete against the winner of the Durham Homebrew Club LBS champion!

Make sure to check out both Brew North and Muddy York here:

Good luck to the competitors!