GTA Brews – Last Brewer Standing Round 1 Updates! Round 2 Match ups.


For those who couldn't attend the meeting, it was another hard fought battle between fellow GTA Brews members. 16 entered, 8 remained. As usual, entries were all really nice beers, it must have been hard for the judges! Here are the results:

Clayton Hoy vs Guillaume Couture-Lévesque (Dark Mild 13A) - Guillaume Wins (Cheeky Chug-a-lug)

Tony Di Bratto vs Eric Cousineau (Ordinary Bitter 11A) - Eric Wins (No Name)

Jesse Reynolds vs Nicholas Cole (English IPA 12C) - Jesse Wins (Excalibeer!)

Chris Maheras vs Kym Watts (Saison 25B - Standard) - Kym Wins (No Name)

Keith Caines vs Jason Warner (British Golden Ale 12A) - Keith Wins (Goldie)

Ted Z vs Hugh Jahangover (Bear) (APA 18B) - Bear Wins (Ted vs. Bear Hug or Hog?)

Emily Elizabeth Storey vs Andrew Kotowick (American Brown 19C) Emily Wins (Name was too offensive to put on Facebook)

Sean Holden vs Nick Hodowsky (Trappist Single 26A) Sean Wins (Bad Pilot)

Now, for Round 2. 16 remain, here are the matchups.

Sean Holden vs. Evan Bonsell - American Stout
Iain R vs. Jase Gudat - Irish Stout
Hugh Jahangover vs. Mike Van - Irish Red
Jesse Reynolds vs Emily Elizabeth Storey - Cream Ale
Mark Verok vs Matti Kawan - American Wheat
Tim Burnett vs. Mark Hubbard - Belgian Blond
Kieth Caines vs. Eric Cousineau - Scottish Heavy
Guillaume Couture-Lévesque vs. Kym Watts - Best Bitter

Beers must be ready for the October meeting.

Good luck everyone, even Guillaume Couture-Lévesque.

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