April Meeting: Kettle Souring & Craft Malting

After a record attendance and an incredibly informative March meeting, we knew we had a hard act to follow.  Well beer geeks, we think we've done it. We're very lucky to have not one, but two great guest speakers and presenters:

This April we are going back to our gracious host, Northern Maverick Brewing Co.. Thanks for hosting us! We request that everyone spend some money to support our wonderful host. Their food is fantastic (try the Jamaican patties), and they have plenty of beer to go in their bottle shop!

Monday 9 April at 7:00 PM
Northern Maverick Brewing Co.
115 Bathurst St, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2P9 MAP

Bringing Beer to Share: Got beer you want to share with everyone? Great! There are usually 40+ people at each meeting so you’ll need to bring at least:

  • Four 355mL bottles, two 650mL bottles, or a growler
  • Recipe notes – people will want to know what you did to make your beer
  • If you are looking for help troubleshooting or really want constructive feedback, consider attending the Structured Tasting.
    • Of course, feedback isn’t just limited to one meeting component.
Don’t forget to bring your tasting glass!

Meeting Schedule

  • People Arrive: 7:00-7:45 PM, in parallel we have:
    • Social “Hour”: 7:00-7:45 PM – Hang out, catch up, and share your homebrew. This is usually a good opportunity to grab some food from the host venue.
    • Structured Tasting: 7:00-7:45 PM – A group of the most eager homebrewers gathers to get&give feedback to anyone that wants thoughtful feedback on their beer before people’s palates get fatigued
    • Signup for Structured Tasting
  • Announcements: ~7:50 PM – The club President welcomes everyone to the meeting and makes announcements about upcoming events and activities
  • Presentation: 8:00-8:45 PM – Kettle Sours – Jordan Mills
  • Q&A: 9:00-9:30 PM – Devin Huffman, Barn Owl Malt
  • More Sampling: 9:30-10:00 PM – The home stretch as we finish the homebrews.
  • Clean Up: 10:00 PM – All the fun comes at a price. Please stick around for a few minutes and help us straighten up! Your help is greatly appreciated.

Pro Brewer & Presenter – Jordan Mills

Rouge River Brewery opened in October 2016 with a desire to bring great beer to Markham. Rouge River specializes in American-style hop forward ales, sour beers and Farmhouse-style ales. Brewmaster Jordan Mills started working at Mill Street Brewery in 2010 working in the marketing/events department for several years before transferring to the brewing department in 2014. Jordan started as a homebrewer in 2011 and attended the Siebel Institute of Technology in 2016 in Chicago. He passed the Certified Cicerone exam in January of 2013, then going on to receive the Advanced Cicerone designation in February of 2016, making him one of the first to write and pass the exam.

Q&A with Devin Huffman, Barn Owl Malt

We are Devin & Leslie Huffman, makers of Ontario craft malts.  ​We built Barn Owl Malt on our small family farm outside of Belleville, Ontario.  Our malt house was specifically designed and built in 2015 to suit the needs of our craft floor malting processes in a rural setting.  All of our major malting equipment is unique, either built from our own designs, like our combination wood fueled kiln or re-purposed from other industries like dairy, maple syrup and ice production.   Our first batch of craft malt was processed here in February 2016 and from that point on there was no looking back!

Membership Required Event

Due to AGCO requirements regarding serving home-brewed beer under SOP, a paid membership is required to attend this event. If you are not a paid member and want to come and check out what we're all about before committing to join, you can click here to get on our guest list for free.

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