Spring Showdown 2016 Results!

Spring Showdown judging happened yesterday April 27th. Scoresheets will be emailed out in the next week or two.

First of all, a huge thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work yesterday. Without the hard work of the judges and stewards this wouldn't have been possible! I believe this competition was a huge success!

Also a huge thanks to Jordan and Rainhard Brewing for hosting the judging! Also thanks to Patrick Brown, Mark Verok, Andrew Byer, and Eric Cousineau for acting at drop off locations!

View of the judges hard at work!
The results are posted in pdf below:
We had 63 entries, 16 judges, and 6 stewards. I believe the judging quality was overall high, and from where I was it seemed like judges felt comfortable and were able to focus on writing the best sheets possible.



I have a small list of things to work on before Brew Slam in the Fall (including bringing a corkscrew! :P), but please send me any feedback you have. Even if you think I may have already written it down. No matter how small. The more things you tell me we can improve, the better we can make the judging and stewarding experience for you!

Brew Slam

Our next BJCP competition will be Brew Slam Sept 30 - Oct 2. Please save the date in your calendars, we'll need your help again!


Please send any feedback to gtabrews@gmail.com and we'll do our best to address it!