Club Teku Glass Order

A while ago I asked people if they would be interested in a club Rastal teku glass. Lots of people were interested so I thought I would put together a sign up sheet. We were able to find a new supplier that allowed us to lower the price to $10/glass without sacrificing the quality of the glass (still name brand Rastal Teku). The minimum order of now 200 qty instead of 144, but hopefully the 33% price reduction convinces more people to jump on or existing orders to be increased.



Once enough people sign up I'll put in the order.

Sign up on this spreadsheet to pre-order. I will email the people that signed up with timelines and payment details.

Teku as commonly known in the beer world as the "World's Best Beer Glass". This glass does a fantastic job with most craft beer styles, especially high gravity/sour/belgian/etc... You can search around and see that many of the top breweries in the world have their own branded teku glass. As far as I know there aren't any breweries in Ontario that sell Rastal teku glasses, so this would be the first chance to get them locally for many people.

Here's a video explanation of the glass: