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Welcome to GTA Brews, Toronto’s local homebrew club!

We are an enthusiastic group of people that love to make beer, mead, and cider at home! Our goal is to help our members learn how to make the best beer/mead/cider possible! We run events, competitions, bulk buys, and lots more.

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February Meeting: Little Beasts, Big Hearts <3

Monday Feburary 11th at 7:00 PM
Northern Maverick Brewing Co.
115 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON, M5V 2P9  MAP

This month we have two exciting meeting elements!

This February we are going back to our gracious host, Northern Maverick Brewing Co.. Thanks for hosting us! We request that everyone spend some money to support our wonderful host. Their food is fantastic (try the Jamaican patties), and they have plenty of beer-to-go in their bottle shop!

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Help Support the Modernization of Ontario Homebrewing Regulations

GTA Brews is calling for every Ontario homebrewer to join us in asking the Government of Ontario to modernize the framework regulating the consumption of homebrew at events. Homebrew clubs sit at the center of the homebrewing community, and modernization of homebrewing regulation would enable them to continue to grow the hobby in Ontario.

Over the years we have run into many hurdles while planning homebrewing focused events. We have compiled a list of issues we see with the current framework, and elaborated them in the form of a letter. We are asking Ontario homebrewers to send this letter to their MPP, and cc the Minister of Finance. This will show the Government of Ontario that the citizens of our province want to see this included in their plan to modernize the Alcohol Industry.

Cheers, and thanks in advance for your help!

Eric Cousineau
President, GTA Brews

If you have any questions or comments about this letter, please email info@gtabrews.ca

How To Help

Step 1) Find Your Local MPP
– Use this tool to find your local MPP using Postal Code

Step 2) Create a new email draft with subject:
Request for Modernized Homebrewing Regulations in Ontario

Step 3) Address the email to
• Your local MPP (from step 1)
• cc/ Finance Minister Vic Fedeli (vic.fedeli@pc.ola.org)

Step 4) Copy and paste the letter below then
• Replace [*Local MPP*] with the name of you local MPP
• Replace [*Sender Name*] with your first and last name

Step 5) Send the email, and pass this along to your homebrew friends!

Letter to Your MPP

Dear [*Local MPP*],

The Government of Ontario is currently consulting with the public on opportunities to modernize the rules for the sale and consumption of alcohol. I support the general intent of modernizing a highly regulated sector, however I wanted to express my desire to see some targeted modernization efforts for the consumption of homebrewed beer.

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Last Brewer Standing Update + Round 4

Last night Round 3 wrapped up at Muddy York. It was another exciting night of glory for some, shame and disappointment for others.

Here were the results:

Match 1 – 17A – British Strong Ale
Tim Burnett vs. Evan Bonsell
Evan was the winner

Match 2 – 17C – Wee Heavy
Kym Watts vs. Mark Verok
Mark was the winner.

Match 3 – 26D – Belgian Dark Strong
Jase Gudat vs. Keith Caines
Keith was the winner.

Match 4 – 15C – Irish Extra Stout
Emily Storey vs. Mike Vandervoort
Mike was the winner.

Only 4 remain.

Round 4 will have a new requirement! Tavistock Hops was super generous and donated all the hops for this round. Each brewer will be receiving 12oz of Tavistock hops that MUST be used in its entirety and no other hops may be used.

Round 4 matchups are the following:

Match 1 – 21B5 – Specialty IPA: Rye IPA
Keith Caines vs. Mark Verok
Hops: 4oz Cascade, 4oz Centennial, 4oz Rakau

Match 2 – 21B2 – Specialty IPA: Black IPA
Evan Bonsell vs. Mike Vandervoort
Hops: 4oz Cascade, 4oz Rakau, 4oz Glacier

Descriptions of the hops can be found at Tavistocks webpage here:


Hop breakdown from Tavistock:

Cascade – Our Cascade have notes of Citrus and Mango 2018 Alpha 5.1% // Beta 7.2 % Centennial – Earthy and floral with an element of citrus Alpha 6.6 // Beta 2.9%
Rakau – Aroma’s of Stone Fruit, Red Licorice and Grassy notes 2018 Alpha 8.7% // Beta 2.% Glacier – Our Glacier have notes of Citrus, Herbal, Earthy and hints of fruit. 2018 Alpha 4.1. // Beta 5.2%

Good luck and good brewing! Round 4 will be judged at the meeting in March.

Brew Slam 2018 – Wrap Up

Brew Slam is wrapped up for another year, and what a year it was! Most prizes were shipped out to our winners before the holidays, and I finally have time to write my annual wrap up post. With 826 entries judged, were were Canada’s largest homebrew competition again for 2018!

The judging and awards for Brew Slam happened back in November, but we’ve been hard at work since then working on all the wrap up tasks to be able to mark the competition complete for another year. Don’t stop reading now because some pretty amazing things happened this year that I want to share.

Competition Stats 2018:

  • Largest Canadian homebrew competition, ever!
    • 826 entries judged
    • 847 registered entries
    • 8/10 provinces, Yukon, CT/PA, and ISRAEL!
  • 191 participants with entries
  • 135 volunteers: 75 judges, 54 stewards, 22 sorters, 10 crew
    • Likely the most judges in any Canadian beer competition, ever!
  • 31 award categories
  • 7 judging sessions, avg 7.5 entries/pair per session
  • Over $16,000 in prizes!!
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January Meeting: New Year New Beer!

Monday January 14th at 7:00 PM
Muddy York Brewing Co.
22 Cranfield Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4B 3H1  MAP

This month we have five exciting meeting elements!

We are going back to our gracious host, Muddy York Brewing Co! We request that everyone spend some money to support our wonderful host. Don’t forget to buy some bottles from their shop!

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December Meeting: Holiday Gathering

Monday December 10th at 7:00 PM
People’s Pint Brewing Company
90 Cawthra Ave, Unit #101, Toronto, Ontario, M6N 3C2  MAP

This month come hang out, swap homebrews, and mingle!

This December we are being hosted by People’s Pint Brewing Company. Thanks for hosting us! We request that everyone spend some money to support our wonderful host. They have plenty of beer-to-go in their bottle shop!

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