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Welcome to GTA Brews, Toronto’s local homebrew club!

We are an enthusiastic group of people that love to make beer, mead, and cider at home! Our goal is to help our members learn how to make the best beer/mead/cider possible! We run events, competitions, bulk buys, and lots more.

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GTA Brews – Last Brewer Standing Round 1

Fellow GTA Brewers! Since the Last Brewer Standing sold out in a day, I’ve moved up the competition dates so we can get started RIGHT AWAY. Round 1 matchups are listed in the bracket. All even number brackets will have their beers judged at the July 9th meeting. All odd number brackets will have their beers judged at the August 13th Meeting. We are staggering the first few rounds for manageability. If you have any questions, feel free to email lastbrewerstanding@gtabrews.ca


GTA Brews presents Last Brewer Standing

So you’ve heard the rumblings, the mumblings and grumblings. Or maybe you haven’t. GTA Brews is introducing a NEW* style of competition. One so rad, kewl, fetch (to hell with Regina George), neato, etc, that you will have no choice but to sign up in droves**. What am I talking about? Last Brewer Standing, of course! (In case you didn’t read the title)

Now for the finer details.


32 GTA Brews members sign up to join the competition. This is a tournament style competition with 5 rounds. In each round each participant will be matched up against another randomly. Each match will be assigned a specific beer style to brew and given 2 months to brew, carbonate and package said beer. The faceoffs will take place at our regular meetings. 3 judges per pair will decide which one moves on. The winner moves to the next round. Next round (also randomized) will have an entirely new set of beers to brew with an additional 2 months.

^^^ sample tournament, real one may be different beers.


I already said this. But in case you skimmed, the regular GTA Brews Meetings that take place 2nd Monday of the month.


Sign up will be at the bottom of this post. Once filled up, we will announce the pairs and the beers they must brew. Most likely first round will be judged either July or August.


You! If you sign up! *Note, must be GTA Brews member.


Why not? Glory? Bragging rights? Finally something that Mike Van might not win at if we don’t assign him the IPA category? You choose! But if thats not enough, we will have prizes. Brew North, Escarpment Labs and Tavistock Hops have all graciously volunteered to sponsor this competition. 1st place winner will receive a $150 gift certificate to Brew North, 2nd place $75 and 3rd $25. Escarpment and Tavistock will be sponsoring rounds (more to follow). Also, we plan on having a sweet trophy so your name will be immortalized in GTA Brews legend!

How Much? 

Less than 2 coffees at Starbucks! Only $5. Strictly to cover the cost of cups for judging and a trophy.

Sign up soon! The sooner we have the 32 spots filled, the sooner the competition can begin!

Even More Finer details?

  • Judges will be chosen (volunteered) at the meetings. Rounds 1-3 judges can be anyone. You cannot of course judge your own beer. Rounds 4-5 will have BJCP judges.
  • Entrants must present for the judging OR have a proxy.
  • Entrants must bottle beer in STANDARD 355ml bottles with no labels or markings. No exceptions. At least 2 bottles brought in for the meeting (one to judge, one to share with competitor)

*Might want to fact check that.

**well, 32 people tops this round.


Spot – Last Brewer Standing

May Meeting: Jamie Mistry of Common Good Beer Company Plus Discussion Panel

Monday 14 May at 7:00 PM
Muddy York Brewing Co.
22 Cranfield Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4B 3H1  MAP

For this meeting we’re going to try something new in lieu of having a second presentation. Based on a topic chosen in a poll on the website, the meeting will have a panel discussion/Q&A involving selected members from the crowd interested in sharing their knowledge and opinions. Based on where the poll is at right now it looks like we’ll be discussing session/low ABV brewing, so if you’re passionate and experienced with that sort of thing please feel free to volunteer to be on the panel! And if you’re interested in something else, there’s still time to vote!

This month’s meeting is at Muddy York Brewing Co. and our special guest, Jamie Mistry of the Common Good Beer Company, will also be there to answer any of your questions about contract brewing. Continue reading May Meeting: Jamie Mistry of Common Good Beer Company Plus Discussion Panel

GTA Brews 5 Year Anniversary Party

Event Details:

Saturday May 12th, 2018
6:00 – 10:00 PM
Junction Craft Brewing


This party will celebrate 5 years of GTA Brews as well as how much our local homebrew community has grown. There will be plenty of homebrew being poured (both draft and bottle), and lots of other fun stuff! Get excited, this is party is gonna be epic!

Here’s some of the things you can expect:
– Limited edition 5 Year Anniversary tasting glass
(Sponsored by: Toronto Brewing)
– Birthday Cake – Enough for the whole crowd!
(Sponsored by: Cakes Cove)
– Keynote address and toast by Club President, Eric Cousineau!
– Dozen or so homebrews on tap, brewed just for the event!
– Homebrew sharing and feedback from your homebrew peers
– Announcing the Spring Showdown winners!
– Camraderie with fellow homebrewers

If you are interested in bringing a 19L keg to the event, please sign up here.

Not a Paid Member yet?

As with our regular montly meetings, we do allow non-members to attend as one-time guests. The purpose of allowing guests is to encourage them to become full members after seeing how awesome the club is. Guests will be asked to sign a waiver at the sign in desk.

Existing members, don’t forget that you can upgrade to Family Membership for only $5. This allows you to bring a spouse or family member to all club meetings and events.

After Party Items

5 Yr Anniversary Eric’s Speech




Grain Buy – Spring 2018

The GTA Brews Spring 2018 Grain Buy is open!

Thanks again to Toronto Brewing for hosting, please make sure to give them your love and make some purchases on pick up day! Don’t forget, now they deliver your online order to breweries all over Toronto for FREE!

All questions should be emailed to grainbuy@gtabrews.ca

Key Info:

Sign Up Open: Mon Apr 9th, 2018
Sign Up Close: Thurs May 3rd, 2018 (11:59 pm)
Payment Open: Thurs, May 10th, 2018
Payment Deadline: Thurs, May 17th, 2018 (11:59 pm)
Split Date: Friday, May 25th, 2018
Pick Up Date: Saturday May 26th, 2018 (10:30 am – 1:30 pm)

- Updates will be sent to the email on the sheet
- Please sign up to volunteer with split/pick-up in the volunteer tab
- If you didn't get the announcement email, check your spam
- Items highlighted in RED special order, and may be delayed

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April Meeting: Kettle Souring & Craft Malting

After a record attendance and an incredibly informative March meeting, we knew we had a hard act to follow.  Well beer geeks, we think we’ve done it. We’re very lucky to have not one, but two great guest speakers and presenters:

Continue reading April Meeting: Kettle Souring & Craft Malting

Competitions Update

GTA Brews members represented us well in the Lethbridge Werthogs WertContest, the latest Brewer of the Year Circuit competition. Clayton Hoy took home Gold in British Bitter/Scottish Beers for his Strong Bitter named “This Used To Be Good”. Mike Vandervoort took home silver in American Pale Ale, Bronze in Specialty IPA and Gold in IPA. That IPA also claimed second in the Best of Show.

Continue reading Competitions Update

Announcing Spring Showdown 2018 – Homebrew Competition

Click Here to go to the main competition page and register!

The sixth competition in this small competition series will take place in May, and since we skipped Winter Warmer, we will be accepting all styles of beer, mead, and cider!

These seasonal competitions are designed to be a “low stakes” introduction to BJCP competitions for club members (and anyone else) to enter their beers for feedback and fun. This competition will be judged by BJCP Judges according to the 2015 BJCP Guidelines.

Continue reading Announcing Spring Showdown 2018 – Homebrew Competition

GTA Brews Brings Home the Bling from Cowtown

Congratulations to the following GTA Brews Members that won medals at the Cowtown Yeast Wranglers Homebrew Roundup 2018:

  • Mike Vandervoot, Best of Show 4th place for his American IPA, “Mosaic IPA”
  • Mike Vandervoot, 1st place in American IPA category, again for his “Mosaic IPA”
  • Iain Robertson with co-brewer Shawn Ruff, 3rd place in Dark Lager and Amber Hybrid for their entry, “What Is A Schwarzbier?”
  • Clayton Hoy, 1st place in the Bock category for his Eisbock, “Eis Eis Bockby”

And a special mention for first time winner:

  • Emery Soos, with a 3rd place win in the Scottish and Irish Ale category with his Irish Red: “Kiss My Red Blarney”

Congratulations to all of you for doing us proud!

Did you know that GTA Brews will ship your entry for free for select competitions? Click here for more information