At the moment we have two types of members.

Lite Membership (FREE)

This level of membership is completely free! It’s a great opportunity to learn more about home brewing through club meetings and Facebook discussion.

Join the Facebook Group or attend an event to become a Lite Member.

Here’s what you get for absolutely no money down:

  • Can attend any Club Event (unless restricted to Paid Members)
  • Can participate in our social media discussions (including Facebook group)
  • Can claim membership of “GTA Brews” when entering Homebrew Competitions

Paid Membership ($10)

In order to hold events in public spaces we need to be able to obtain SOPs (Special Occasion Permit) from the AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario). Unfortunately due to AGCO requirements regarding serving homebrewed beer under SOP all people attending these events must be Paid Members.

Currently the cost to become a Paid Member is $10/year, is not pro-rated based on time of year, and is renewable each year at the beginning of October.

This can be paid directly during our annual membership drive in September or by clicking the membership button below. This money will be put towards incidentals like server/domain costs, AV equipment for meetings, marketing materials, and fun group activities, etc…

Click this button to sign up for a Personal Membership:membership-bigcartel2-01

New for 2016-2017, Family Membership! Click the button below to upgrade your Personal Membership to Family Membership.

Here’s what you get for with Personal Membership:

  • Includes everything in “Lite Membership”
  • Can participate in bulk buys where the cost of home-brew ingredients is heavily discounted
  • Can attend SOP Events (Special Occasion Permits) where alcohol can be served (as required by AGCO)
  • Occasionally receive emails to remind/announce club activities (upcoming events, bulk buys, etc…)
  • Discounts at Homebrew Shops

Family Membership includes everything in Personal Membership but allows you to bring a pre-specified family member to SOP Events without requiring them to have their own Personal Membership.

Homebrewing experience is not a requirement to become a Paid Member. We are welcoming to people of all experience levels and genders. If you have any questions please feel free to email